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SEA players ONLY custom match is coming!!

Fortnite & Apex Team -RUDENS-

No Low Ping Players!? We’ll host a SEA ONLY custom match!!

(Revised at 9th Feb 2021.)

In our team RUDENS, we have a streamer called Steamywiny who is streaming all the way from Thailand. He has almost the same skill as our players. 

But including Thailand, the South East Asia players are playing on high ping because of the server that is in Tokyo and is quite far from the place they play. 


Compared to players who play on low ping, there are many disadvantages. For example, they can’t take low ping players walls or they can be laggy during their game. 

It can be unfair for SEA players to play on such a high ping. They can have difficulties playing in competitions with low ping players. 


So in conclusion we decided to make SEA players only competition to make it all fair. 

We are going to be doing a competition called “RUDENS SMASH for SEA“. we would be hosting this multiple times a year.

For more information, go check the link below.



※We’ve changed the policy (9th February) ↓

One of our reasons to host this is to encourage all players in Asia that they can improve with their skills.

We hope all the SEA players can have an opportunity to play fairly.


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