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We welcomed Steamywiny as a streamer!!

Fortnite & Apex Team -RUDENS-


We welcomed Biilingual Streamer!!


We welcomed Steamywiny as a streamer to RUDENS!!

He’s a Japanese Twitch streamer living in Thailand.

He streams almost every day at 9am EST ,8pm in Thailand, 10pm in Japan.

Although he’s 10 years old and a high ping player (Avg.100ping!!), he compete with players in RUDENS (Of course they’re low ping players).


His followers and subscribers are almost non-Japanese because he streams in English.

He often plays with his sister, Annywiny. He likes to sing while playing.

He got 100 concurrent accesses recently, so we make sure he’ll be a famous streamer soon!

right after this, he got 100 viewers


@steamywiny Steamywiny


Steamywiny | MEMBER PAGE


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